What Is Bicycle Zone Ahead Sign?


Author: Lisa
Published: 10 Dec 2021

The Road to Safety: A Bicycle Crossing

The sign on the road will have a bicycle crossing up ahead, so you should be aware of that. Slow down and be on the look out for cyclists. The rules of sharing the road with cyclists need to be remembered.

The Parking Meter Times

If you are in the left lane, you must turn left. If you don't want to turn left, you should change lanes before you get to the intersection. The sign will show the amount of parking needed.

The sign will show you where you can pay for parking. You can park for free outside of the parking meter times. The letter P means there is no time limit and you can park for as long as you want.

A number next to the P indicates a time limit for how long you can park. The times on the sign mean that you can't stop between the times shown and the days shown. If another sign is not applied, parking and stopping is allowed outside the times and days shown.

Unless you are driving a bus, taxi or limousine, you must not stop on a road with a clearway sign if you are dropping off or picking up passengers. Supplementary signs are used to give more information. You can see more than one sign that gives more information what to do when approaching a structure or road obstacle.

Yield Signs in Crosswalk

The yield sign symbol is used in crosswalk signs where the state law requires pedestrians to yield. They can be found on the street.

The Highway Code

The signs in The Highway Code are not all drawn to the same scale. Welsh and English versions of some signs are used in Wales. Some older designs of signs can still be seen.

The motorway starts at the junction. Motorways shown in brackets can be reached. White panels show local or non-primary routes.

School Zones

The school zone should start at the front door and encompass the campus and as many blocks as possible that surround the school. The school zone includes the streets along the school and the area around it. The school zone should be marked with signs to alert drivers of the high concentration of children. School crossing signs, speed signs, school zone pavement markings and other traffic calming devices remind drivers to treat the area with special care and attention.

The Basics of a Bike Boulevard

The basic elements of a bicycle boulevard are signs and pavement markings. They show that a roadway is intended to be a shared, slow street and that it reinforces the priority for bicyclists along a route. The signs and pavement markings alone do not create a safe and effective bicycle boulevard, but they act as reinforcements to other traffic calming and operational changes made to the roadway.

Road Signs in the City

Road symbols have different information that is needed to be understood by road users. Road safety is very important to save your life and minimize accidents. A sound knowledge of traffic signs is a must for a person the vehicle or a pedestrian.

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