What Is Cycling Xmas Gifts?


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Published: 10 Dec 2021

Christmas gifts for cyclists

The majority of pro teams use the Elite Fly. It's easy to operate and help you drink more quickly, with a wide, soft cap that's easy to operate while riding. It's dishwasher safe and has a wide mouth that makes filling simple.

It is half as heavy as a standard water bottle, saving you 50 grams. There are more expensive arm warmers out there but the right balance between performance and price is provided by the offerings from Dhb. They're made from a soft and stretchy merino yarn that feels great against the skin and comes from a guaranteed non-mulesed source.

Jack Thurston's Lost Lanes books are a series of guides to some of the most beautiful bike rides in the UK. There are four books available for the South East, the West Country, Wales and the border counties. Maps and recommended pubs are included in each ride.

A pair of gloves are worth a lot. The Estremo gloves from Castelli are some of the best at keeping your digits warm and nice. They get an extra long Gore-Tex cuff that seals in the warmth and features a warm fleece material and Silicone palm.

A top pair of gloves that perform. The HeadThingy is a buff, one of the most useful pieces of kit for the cyclist, keeping their neck warm on cold starts or cold days, and stopping air flow down their collar. It's the most versatile accessory out there if things warm up.

Green Jerseys

One of the most amazing things about road cycling is that you can do it all over the world and emulate the pros by riding the same roads they do in training and racing. We've put them through their paces for two seasons now and are impressed with what we've found. They're not too heavy and have a good amount of stretch in them, making them comfortable to wear.

They claim to be both waterproof and windproof. Mark Cavenish's Green Jersey from the Tour de France was one of the things that Mathieu van der Poel won. Mark Cavendish's new book is a great Christmas present for anyone who loves cycling.

The Best Places to Ride a Bike

Every Christmas stocking has to have at least one pair of socks. The cyclist in your life will have to smile at these socks. What is it?

A clip-on mudguard protects cyclists from dirt. Put it in your back and then pop it on and off your bike. It can be wiped clean in a few seconds.

It's especially useful for controlling audio and checking maps when you're on a bike. It takes just a second to put a phone in place over all terrain. What is it?

A bag is on the top of the bike frame. The phone is easy to use through the plastic protective cover, and there is also space for a phone at the front. What is it?

A set of bike lights can be re- charged. It can be attached and removed from a bike in a few seconds. What is it?

The Cameo, Kwaremont and Abus Bordo lite are all gift for road cyclist

If the person you're buying for is an avid cyclist, or a fan of any celebrity, then the Cameo might be the unique and novel gift you've been searching for. Kwaremont is a beer that is designed for cyclists. It's a Belgian blond beer, so you'll need to know that your recipient is a beer lover, and they'll need to be above the legal drinking age.

So drink it with care, because it's 6.6%. The code ROADCN21 will get you an exclusive deal which includes free UK delivery or vastly discounted delivery to ROW territories, as well as four exclusive A5 prints. A good set of lights can make a difference when the ride is longer than planned.

If they have a good pair of lights, they don't have to worry about riding home in the dark. It's worse if you get caught out with a puncture, especially when you have to try to re-flate your tire, and you almost lose an arm. The Lezyne HV Micro Floor Drive is a hand pump that can tire you out very quickly, but it is also a fold-out foot that you can use to stand it upright and push it to pump.

It also has a PSI gauge and is an excellent addition to their tool collection. Help them keep their pride and joy safe by buying a great quality bike lock. The Abus Bordo lite 6055 is a folding lock that folds away and is easy to store on the frame.

It is just over 400g. It's small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, and it's not too cumbersome to pedal around with. The Sutros are among the best cycling sunglasses on the market, thanks to their large lens that gives a good field of view, the secure and reliable Prizm lens, and the fact that they are a gift for road cyclists.

Merino Socks for Gravel Cycling

Unlike many of your relatives, the cyclist in your life will actually really appreciate the Socks you give them. Gravel cyclists can benefit from the warmth and temperature regulation of socks made with merino wool, as they have natural antibacterial properties which prevent the build-up of nasty odours.

The Boardman Carbon Road Shoes

The Edge has ClimbPro pacing guidance, a track of every jump, and the ability to pause your route guidance if you intentionally go off course. The Boardman Carbon Road Shoes are made for comfort and performance. The carbon sole provides excellent power transfer.

They are easy to adjust on the move and have an integrated heel to help prevent slipping. The helmet has a low friction layer that reduces the impact of a crash. The Turnfit Plus System allows you to make both vertical and horizontal adjustments, which makes getting the perfect fit easy.

The X-ray waterproof kit

They will give you around eight hours per charge and are waterproof, so you can use them for anything. You can get e-vouchers from a lot of cycling websites, so you can choose the kit you want for yourself. If you're in a panic, you could buy it the morning of.

The Bryton Rider 15E Neo: a compact, easy-to-use GPS computer for the road cyclist

The Bryton Rider 15E Neo is a great option for someone who needs a small, easy-to-use gps computer. It's easy to set up and it has a claimed 16 hours of battery life, so it's not a bad deal. There are five pages of data and metrics.

It can pair with various sensors to display heart rate and cadence. It's made from a hardy, engineering-grade material which could easily be damaged in the line of duty. The bright display is easy to read from any angle, and it can handle suspension forks and shocks, thanks to the head that is 180 degrees.

The fact that you only need to change the battery once a year means you can remove one of the major challenges facing bike trackers, and this, together with their size, means your choice of mounting options is significantly increased. Kapz has a mount that can be discreetly secured under the saddle, and we're seeing other ways to store AirTags on the bike. The big lens makes them all very noticeable.

The shape of the lens gives a good range of side visibility, which is great around junctions and roundabouts. The lights on the helmet turn off when the helmet is not being used for 15 minutes, which is helpful in ensuring maximum battery life. Giving a membership to Strava will keep the cyclist quiet as they study elevation charts, check the wind forecasts and study exactly which gate it is where Sunday's KoM attempt will finish.

The Colore Puro Jersey

The Santini Colore Puro Jersey is simple and timeless and will look great on a modern bike or a retro machine. The thermofleece material is warm andbreathable, and there are three rear pockets to keep your ride essentials. The Colore Puro is available in both men and women's versions.

The Eroica Britannia will take place at the same time as the Olympics. The tickets for the day entry, the Classic Rides, and camping will be on sale by Christmas. The very best local produce from the area will be available from the bands and DJs.

The TP1 pedal tool

The TP1 pedal cleat tool is a quick and reliable way to get your cleats in the same spot every single time, which is something that many other methods don't offer. Thanks to its clever design, crooks with serious tools will have to take their time. It is not very heavy, weighing less than 1.5 kilogram, which is reasonable. The Versa model of the Fitbit is one of the most popular in the market, and it has a range of useful features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and a claimed four day battery life.

A Portable Tool Kit for Inflating Tires

Cyclists need a tool when they are on long distant cycling missions. A quick and convenient way of inflating tires. It is easy to carry anywhere because of its pocket size.

The Garmin Varia Rearview Radar Tail Light on Pedestrians

The war between motorists and cyclists is never likely to end, but with the Garmin Varia Rearview Radar Tail Light clipped securely onto a bike, a cyclist is more likely to have their side of the argument clean with the validity that they are trying to make.

The Sunlights: A Natural Temperature Regulator for Cycling

With the cold months around the corner, there is a need for something to protect against the elements. It's a natural temperature Regulator and so it stops you from over- heating or getting too cold. Any cyclist needs a good set of lights with sunset coming in.

The curve shape makes the light shine in a wider range, which is good for cyclists. You can be confident that you'll be seen by nearby cars with multiple flashing options and a maximum brightness of 220 lumens on the front and 37 on the rear. You need a gilet for those rides when you're not wearing a jacket.

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